About us

10 years - Day by day

Established in 2008, as wingshandy we have now expanded to 3 Shops at central stations in Bavaria. phonestop.eu

Meanwhile, we have developed a sense of what you need on the road and offer pre-selected products in our stores. This is primarily about the functionality of the products. Therefore, we only offer products of established companies primarily made in Germany.

It still remains is just as committed to bring innovative products to market as it was over 10 years ago.

What is not commonly known is that the company pioneered the concept of a co-ordinated range of travel accessories. Its success has spawned an entire Bavaria which it still dominates to this very day.

In the beginning there were had only 20 different products. Today the company has over 150 accessories specially for travelers. The product range can be found in 3 retail locations across Bavaria alone and is expanding slowly.

The product portfolio spans a wide variety of smartphones, repairing phones and travelers needs.

sim cards

We are specialized ourselves regarding Simcards within the last 10 years. You can be sure to receive the best value for your money.

Basically there are 3 big providers in Germany who offer a prepaid simcard. We offer all three to make sure every customer gets the perfect one.

There are basic questions when choosing the right SIM card for you. You need to answer the following questions.

- Which provider?
- How long are you traveling in the German or European country?
- How much do you call (minute packet)?
- How much data do you use (GB package)?

These questions are clarified in the customer discussion within a minute. As a result, the consultant can recommend the best package for you. It is up to you whether you choose a higher, lower or for the recommended package.

Basically, all packages are valid for 4 weeks. There are no additional cost after the 4-Weeks. If you want the plan to run another 4-Weeks, you have to pre-pay for it - prepaid.

It is possible to buy additional GB or minutes over time. This is best done directly in the shop or alternatively with a credit card via the APP.

Just talk to us.

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